February 2021 Product Update

Affiliate Compliance Monitoring, Advertisers Can Manage Campaigns, More Features and Fixes

Affiliate Compliance Monitoring

Need to monitor website content of your traffic sources? LinkTrust Compliance includes proprietary technology that scans over 15 million web pages and more than 150 million links every month, analyzing content and providing customized reports to protect Advertisers, Networks, and Operators from harmful brand violations or regulatory risks.


We’ll help you customize your setup for the volume of data you need to monitor. Click ‘View Full Report’ where you can drill into further detail about each red-flagged item.

Give Advertisers Access to Create & Manage Campaigns

Now you can give your Advertisers admin rights via their current login access to reports. There are 2 levels of controls to configure this new feature.

First, enable your account to allow Advertisers to view campaign details as well as to create campaigns. These controls are found at your account’s Advertiser Center setup page.


Second, in each campaign you can give Advertisers view access or edit access.


Additional Features & Bug Fixes

  • Add Throttles to APIs
  • New Token for Upline Affiliate
  • Bug Fix: Affiliate Center Token [=CampaignDetails.CID=] Fixed
  • Bug Fix: Advertiser API Display of Impressions Fixed
  • Bug Fix: Affiliate SubID Breakout Breaks with only Filtered Clicks