November 2021 Product Update

Ping Caps in Lead Campaigns, MarketPlace for Advertisers, New APIs for CPA/CPC TX Modifications

Ping Caps and New Caps Features in LeadGen Campaigns

Ping Post Lead submissions can be capped for the number of Pings sent through from any single affiliate. This can be used to encourage affiliates to send higher quality traffic.

  • SubIDs can be included in each Affiliate Cap, though not in Channel Caps.
  • Lead Channel caps are configurable by:
    • Amount of Pings
    • Amount of Valid Leads
    • Amount of Sold Leads
    • Amount of Revenue
  • Channel Caps can be configured based on another Campaign’s Channel

MarketPlace for Advertisers

Allow Advertisers (merchants) to browse Offers and apply to become an Affiliate for the Offers they choose. This is an enterprise feature. Once the feature is enabled for an account,

  • Enable for the Advertiser Center:  at the Advertiser Center Customization page, select checkbox for ‘Enable MarketPlace’ and update the page.
  • Enable Campaigns:  any campaign that is Public Live or Private Live status and not expired will be displayed in the Advertiser Center MarketPlace.

Advertisers log in and select the ‘MarketPlace’ menu at the top right.

  • When an Advertiser requests an Offer in the Advertiser Center MarketPlace, the system autocreates an Affiliate Signup record for the Offer/Campaign Manager to approve.
  • The Offer requested moves from the ‘Shop for Offers’ tab into the ‘Pending Offers’ tab.
  • Once the Affiliate Signup record is approved,
    • All campaigns configured to ‘Auto Assign when affiliate application is approved’ will show up in their ‘My Offers’ tab.
    • The originally requested Offer will autocreate a campaign request and the campaign manager will be notified of the pending request.
  • After the campaign manager approves of the campaign request, the Advertiser will be able to see the Offer in the ‘My Offers’ tab. Click the ‘Details’ button for Offer details.

New APIs for CPA/CPC TX Modifications

These APIs replace the Transaction Modification API (transaction.edit) for CPA-type transactions. What’s great is that now CPC is also included.

CPA-type transactions

  • Required parameter is “transactionId”: “(Transaction ID)”
  • Optional editable parameter is “totalSales”: 200.00
  • Optional editable parameter is “affiliatePayoutAmount”: 40.00
  • Optional editable parameter is “merchantPayoutAmount”: 60.00
  • Optional editable parameter is “isApproved”: (true or false)

CPC-type transactions

  • Required parameter is “transactionId”: “(Transaction ID)”
  • The only editable parameter is "isApproved": (true or false)
  • Other Features & Bug Fixes

  • Advertiser Details Page Improvements
  • Affiliate Payment Log Page Improvements
  • Campaign Change Log Improvements
  • Optional Revenue Value in AC Reports
  • Optional AFID in MC Reports
  • Compliance Reports Notifications
  • New API for Affiliate Commissions Report
  • SubID Breakout Report has ‘My Currency’
  • ‘Without Traffic’ Filter Doesn’t Return SubAffiliates
  • Bug Fix: Tiered Commissions Monthly Issue
  • Bug Fix: Assigned Affiliate Approval % Update Issue
  • Bug Fix: TX Details Report Inconsistent Display of Edit Gear
  • Bug Fix: Performance Stats Update Issue
  • Bug Fix: Affiliate Center Customization Update Issue
  • Bug Fix: Email Threshold Issue at Caps Page
  • Bug Fix: Quick Create Modal Breaks with Image
  • Bug Fix: Creative Thumbnails Issue
  • Bug Fix: Referrals Page Null Date Issue