October 2020 Product Update

Tiered Commission Structures, [=Affiliate.CompanyName=] Token for Landing Page URL, Various Fixes

Tiered Payout Structures & New Commissions Tab

Now you can incentive performance by using Tiered Payouts. Find this new Enterprise Plan Feature on the new Commissions tab next to the campaign’s Basic Details tab.

  • For example, once your affiliate generates a specified revenue quota, you can bump their payout to a higher level.
  • Or conversely, award a certain payout value until they’ve reached a specified cumulative commission amount. Then you could lower the payout value.
  • You can use flat values or percentages to configure your payout tiers for any campaign. Percentages within a flat-revenue campaign will require you to append a TotalSales value to the Pixel URL.
  • Choose revenue, commission, qualified, or approved as your statistic type.
  • Be aware when setting up Revenue and Commission-based tiers, you should configure your End Values and subsequent Start Values so that there is no gap. e.g., an End Value of $14 should be followed (in the next tier) by a Start Value of $14.01. Here’s an example:


  • Then at your campaign’s Assigned Affiliates page, tick the checkbox for an affiliate, select Tiered Commissions as your Payout Type, select the desired tiered structure, then click ‘Update Selected.’


  • For LeadGen campaigns, use this same method of assigning tiered structures to an affiliate. Then in the Channel settings, select the Affiliate’s Default Payout.
  • Once you run your traffic, you’ll see commission amounts that reflect the assigned tiered commission structure.

New Commissions Tab

The Basic Details tab is where you can still view the campaign’s default financial settings. But to manage these settings, click the gear icon or just click the new Commissions tab.

  • Update Revenue Modal: Apply changes immediately or retroactively to today’s existing conversions.
  • Affiliate Commission Modal: Apply to campaign default only or apply to campaign default plus existing affiliates.
  • Flat Rate Checkbox: Enable or Disable on either tab.
  • Tiered Commission Structure: Configure tiered payouts on the new Commissions tab. All Enabled tiered payout structures are displayed on the front page, the campaign’s Basic Details tab.


New Affiliate Company Name Token for your Landing Page URL

This new token can be appended to your campaign’s main Landing Page URL so that it’s propagated as additional data within the tracking link.


Additional Features & Bug Fixes

  • Bug Fix: Hiding Conversion Referrer
  • Bug Fix: AB Testing Report AFID Filter Fixed
  • Bug Fix: Duplicate Lead Rules Should Work at POST