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Ad Rotator

Control the ads shown on your website, your affiliate's blog or anywhere right from inside your LinkTrust account with our new Ad Rotator (aka Ad Server).

Create as many ad rotators as you like. Then, assign them to specific affiliates or let LinkTrust deliver the right ad to the right affiliate. Do it all in real-time from within your LinkTrust account.

How do I get started?

You can find the Ad Rotators page from under the Campaigns tab. Create a new ad rotator, give it a name, select the right creative size and add your creatives. You can use any simple banner, custom banner, or flash creatives from any of your campaigns. Then simply get the code (either javascript or iframe) and put it on your page or give it to your affiliate.

Can I use an Ad Rotator with only 1 creative?

Yes! If an Ad Rotator only contains 1 creative, then the image won't rotate. You can use an Ad Rotator with a single creative to easily swap out the image that your affiliate(s) are using to advertise your offer, or even switch which offer is being promoted, without having to send your affiliate new tracking links or creatives.

Can an Ad Rotator contain creatives from more than one campaign?

Yes! You can add creatives from multiple campaigns into a single Ad Rotator.  Then, the Ad Rotator will only show a creative for an affiliate if the affiliate is assigned to that campaign and creative. An affiliate can use an Ad Rotator even if he/she isn't assigned to all the campaigns used in the Ad Rotator. The creatives for the affiliate's assigned campaigns will be served, and the other creatives will be skipped.

What if I use creatives that are assigned to specific affiliates?

If you use a creative that is assigned to a specific affiliate- the creative will only be served for that specific affiliate.

How do I include the Ad Rotator in my Affiliate Center so my affiliates can preview their available Ad Rotators and get the code?

Place a link in your Affiliate Center Customization page in the menu to the following location: "AdRotator.ashx". Your affiliates will be able to preview their available Ad Rotators and get the code for them.

*Note - if you are using a Custom Banner creative in an iframe Ad Rotator, you will need to add the attribute target="_parent" to the 'a' tag if you want the whole page to redirect on a click. If you don't include a target value, then just the iframe window will be redirected and not the whole page.


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