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Mass Action

The Mass Action page allows you to perform the same operation for many affiliates once only, cutting down your redundant workload and saving you time.

For example, you have to change payouts for each affiliate in your campaign. You have 35 affiliates assigned in the campaign. To change their payout, you must perform the change payout process 35 times. By creating a mass action, you can change the payout for all 35 affiliates at the same time.

In a mass action, you can select affiliates from the following categories:

  • All active affiliates
  • All active affiliates in group
  • All active affiliates with the following affiliate ID's (comma separated)
  • Affiliates from search results

    Using the above categories, you can perform the following mass actions:

    • Assign Affiliate Manager
    • For a specified campaign:
      • Optional: set the payout for the newly assigned affiliates
      • Assign
      • Unassign
      • Block
      • Unblock
      • Change payout
        • Optional: Auto Approve Transactions.  If this setting is already enabled for the campaign, it will be checked and cannot be changed.
        • Optional: Include Today.  If not checked, transactions won't reflect the new payout until the next day.


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