All The Time

Why use this feature?

Use this feature to send a copy of the lead to an outside destination for the purpose of data replication.

Using this feature will cause the channel to play outside the rule which enforces the number of times a lead is sold. Therefore, enabling this option will cause LinkTrust to attempt to distribute the lead regardless of the Max sale being met.  For example, if the max sale of the lead is set to 1 and a previous channel accepted the lead, the All The Time channel will still attempt to send the lead.  If the All The Time channel accepts the lead, it will not increase the max sale number.

All the time channels do not get Randomized or Round Robined within a tier, all other channels within the tier will be attempted first.  If the tier distribution method is set to Priority, All The Time channels are attempted in the order they appear on the distribution page.

If no other channels accept the lead but at least one All The Time channel does, the consumer will still be redirected to the 'Rejected by All Channels" response location. 


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