API Rights

The API Rights page allows you to view and modify API rights for the API key.  To open this page, go to APIS under your account and click on the lock image in the Rights column.

Report Rights

You can give the following report rights to a user:

  • Campaign Performance (Partner Center)
  • Affiliates By Campaign (Partner Center)
  • Daily Breakout (Partner Center)
  • Sub Id Breakout (Partner Center)
  • Creative Breakout (Partner Center)
  • Affiliate Performance (Partner Center)
  • Campaigns By Affiliate (Partner Center)
  • Affiliate Commissions (Partner Center)
  • Affiliate Manager Performance (Partner Center)
  • Advertiser Performance (Partner Center)
  • Conversion Details (Partner Center)

If you select All Report Rights, by default all report rights are given to the user.

Campaign Rights

You can give the following campaign rights to a user:

  • Advertised Campaigns
  • Creatives

If you select All Campaign Rights, by default all campaign rights are given to the user.

How to Modify API Rights

To modify the API rights, do the following:

  1. Mark or unmark the right you want to change.
  2. Select Update.