Affiliate Listing API

Must use a GET method to run the affiliate listing API.  Results will display all of your affiliates if not specified or a single affiliate and their information.

Able to pull in XML or JSON by including the following in the headers.

  • Accept:application/xml for an xml response
  • Accept:application/json for a json response

Base URL


IncludeAffiliateCampaignData - Choose whether to show the campaign data for the affiliates.  True or false.

AffiliateId - Only shows data for one affiliate. Must be a valid Affiliate ID.

Example URLs

Example XML Response

<AffiliateName>Rad Marketing</AffiliateName>
<Groups>Email Group</Groups>
<PrimaryManager>Mick Jogger</PrimaryManager>
<Address1>210 East 2950 North</Address1>
<Address2>Suite G-75</Address2>
<State />
<Province />
<Country>Taiwan, Province Of China</Country>
<d5p1:string>Mike Morris</d5p1:string>
<d5p1:string>Lou Finnigan</d5p1:string>
<d5p1:string>Sammy Wounder</d5p1:string>
<CampaignName>Supermart Mobile Deals</CampaignName>
<Category>** Exclusive</Category>
<ExpirationDate />
Example JSON Response
- 0: {
AffiliateId: 123456
PartnerId: 2
AffiliateName: "Rad Marketing"
AltId: "1345"
Groups: "Email Group"
PrimaryManager: "Bret Grow"
IsSuspended: false
FirstName: "Jane"
LastName: "Doe"
Address1: "210 East 2950 North"
Address2: "Suite G-75"
City: "Lehi"
State: ""
Province: ""
PostalCode: "84604"
Country: "Taiwan, Province Of China"
Email: "jan@gmail.comm"
Phone: "801-331-6945"
Fax: "801-880-8884"
IMNetwork: "jdoe"
IMAddress: "AIM"
TaxDocDate: "12/26/2009"
SignupDate: "3/31/2009"
LastLoginDate: "7/15/2014"
Campaigns: [3]
0: {
CampaignId: 100000
CampaignName: "Supermart Mobile Deals"
Category: "** Exclusive"
Group: "5555555"
CampaignStatus: "PublicLive"
CampaignType: "CPA"
ExpirationDate: ""
CampaignManagers: [3]
0:  "Mike Morris"
1:  "Jim Smith"
2:  "Joe Jones"
1:  {
CampaignId: 100001
CampaignName: "Catch All Campaign"
Category: "** Free Giveaways"
Group: "No Group"
CampaignStatus: "PrivateLive"
CampaignType: "CPA"
ExpirationDate: "6/30/2012"
CampaignManagers: [1]
0:  "Mick Jogger"
2:  {
CampaignId: 100002
CampaignName: "Honeymoon"
Category: "Travel/Tourism"
Group: "No Group"
CampaignStatus: "PrivateLive"
CampaignType: "CPA"
ExpirationDate: "4/30/2019"
CampaignManagers: [2]
0:  "Lou Finnigan"
1:  "Sammy Wounder"


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