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Copied Fields From Campaigns

Copying from a connection allows you to copy settings and information of a campaign belonging to another LinkTrust partner to whom you have a Connection with. 

The following field/settings ARE copied from your connected LinkTrust Partner's account:

Basic Information

    • Campaign Name (copied from Affiliate Center Settings Offer “Title”)
    • Category (only if a LinkTrust system category is used.  If a custom catagory is used, you will be prompted to choose a new category)
    • Campaign Type

Expiration Information

    • Start Date
    • End Date

Campaign URLs

    • Landing Page URL (This URL is your unique affiliate “Tracking URL” from your Merchant's Affiliate Center.  This URL will have your AFID in the URL) 
    • Propagate Additional Data

Additional Tracking Options

    • Enable IP backup turned On Always.
    • ClickID Pixel Post Turned On Always.

Duplicate Traffic

    • Record All Impressions/Only Unique Impressions
    • Combine/Separate Unique from Duplicate Clicks
    • If no referrer is present, Separate the Click as Duplicate
    • Filter/Allow Duplicate Clicks by IP (redirect locations are NOT copied)

Fraud Control

    • Un-approve transactions where:
      • IP is from a know public Proxy
      • Click to conversion time
      • Confirmation Page domains does not match


      • Authorized Countries (redirect locations are NOT copied)

Rights Management

    • View Impressions
    • View Click Statistics
    • View Qualified/Conversion Statistics

Publish - Affiliate Settings 

    • Title
    • Description
    • Special Instructions
    • Logo Image URL
    • Tracking URL (This is not the identical URL from your Merchant.  This URL is dynamically created for your affilaites traffic.)
    • Standard/SEO/Custom

    Campaign Terms and Conditions

    Email Campaigns

      • From Lines
      • Subject Lines
      • Suppression File URL (Only standard Suppression File URL will copy across.  UnsubCentral/Optizmo settings will NOT be copied.)

    Pixvantage Pixelation

      • Pixel Type
      • Enable this option in the Affiliate Center
      • Allow Affiliates to place Image Pixels
      • Allow Affiliates to place JavaScript Pixel
      • Allow Affiliates to place Sever Side Pixels
      • Allow Affiliates to place IFrame Pixels
      • Require Secure/non-Secure ULRs
      • Add &ClickID=[=AffiliateReference=] to affiliate pixel.


      • Name
      • Enable Creative
      • Propagate additional data
      • Type
      • Content

    The following items WILL NOT be copied/dynamically generated over:

    Basic Information

      • Status
      • Advertized Affiliate Payout
      • Auto-Approve transactions for all affiliates
      • Campaign Managers

    Expiration Information

      • Expired Redirect

    Campaign URLs

      • Allow unassigned affiliate traffic
      • Cookie Life

    Additional Tracking  Options

      • Allow Unsecured AFID Pixel Post (unsecured)
      • Allow Custom Conversion Parameters
      • Enable Pay-Per-Call

    Blocked Affiliates

      • Redirect Blocked Affiliates location

    Traffic Cap (Campaign and Affiliate)

      • Redirect Capped Traffic location
      • Propagate Additional Data

    Duplicate Traffic

      • Redirect location for Filter Duplicate Clicks


      • Specific Unauthorized Country Redirect locations


      • Insertion Order
      • Prepayment
      • Notes

    Traffic Cap

      • Enable Campaign Traffic Cap
      • Cap Amount
      • Enable Email Notifications
      • Notification percentage
      • Email Addresses

    Product Data Feed

    Offer Information

      • Estimated Cost Per Click
      • Conversion Percentage
      • Auto Approve Affiliate Requests
      • Allow Networks
      • Allow Traffic Types

    Campaign Terms and Conditions

      • None

    Email Campaigns

      • UnsubCentral Settings
      • Optizmo Settings

    PixVantage Pixelation

      • Any HTML or JavaScript code


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