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This page lists all the payout rules configured for the campaign. Rules can be created by clicking the Add Rule button. Rules can be ordered for preference on which rule should take priority. Once a rule is met, remaining rules bypassed. Easily create rules that dynamically calculate an affiliate payout and advertiser revenue as a transaction is created. Now you have ultimate flexibility when it comes to payouts for your affiliates. There are two types of rules available:

Criteria Payout Rule 

This rule type allows you to set the affiliate payout and/or advertiser revenue based on a combination of criteria.

Examples of the Payout Criteria available include:

  • Affiliate ID - You can select a specific AFID, or enter a comma separated list of AFID's.
  • Creative ID
  • Sub ID
  • Affiliate Reference ID
  • Merchant Reference ID
  • Any Click Data - You can use any additional name/value pair passed into LinkTrust by the affiliate on the click for your payout rule by entering the Field Name and Field Value.
  • Advertiser Reference ID
  • Any Conversion Data - You can use any additional name/value pair passed into LinkTrust by the advertiser on the confirmation pixel for your payout rule by entering the Field Name and Field Value.
  • Product ID
  • Countries- You can select 1 or multiple countries.

Product Payout Rule

This rule type allows you to create a list of products that have a custom affiliate payout and/or advertiser revenue. A single Product Payout rule will support up to 250 unique products by Product ID. The Product ID, which can be a product name or SKU, is a conversion parameter in LinkTrust that allows an advertiser to pass information about a product to LinkTrust to allow the payout to be determined automatically. Multiple Product IDs can be appended to each pixel and LinkTrust will calculate the revenue and payout for each.

To start tracking payouts by product, add "&productid=" to your pixel URL.  If you wish to add multiple products, use a comma to separate the values.  "Productid" is not case sensitive and may be used in different formats such as "productid", "ProductID", "productID", etc.  Here is an example:  "http://.../pixel.track?CID=1234&productid=CatFood,Collar,KittyLitter"


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