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Postbacks Via AFID

Affiliate ID Post Back:

This can be accomplished by executing the pixel URL with the campaign ID (CID) and affiliate ID (AFID) appended. This method is not considered secure because a transaction can be generated simply by knowing the campaign ID (CID) and affiliate ID (AFID). Due to this fact, the Affiliate ID Pixel Post method can be prone to fraud. We recommend securing the server's IP address by white listing it in LinkTrust. (See below for details.)

Sample: http://[Your Tracking URL]/pixel.track?CID=100000&AFID=1234

When using the Affiliate ID Pixel Post, any name value pairs added to the post back URL will be captured and stored in LinkTrust. You can view this captured data in the Transaction Details for the corresponding campaign.

Sample: http://[Your Tracking URL]/pixel.track?CID=100000&AFID=1234&MerchantReferenceID=Value&Anything=Anything

All Adffiliate ID Pixel Posts will show "UnsecurePixelPost" in the Conversion Type column of the transaction details.


White Listing Server IPs

When using either of these post back methods, you may secure where these post backs are fired from by white listing the IP address of the server firing the URL. This can be done on the Domains / IP page.

To get to this page:

1) Select Accounts
2) Select Domains / IP


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