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Server-Side Tracking 101

Use Case: Avoid cookie-less tracking or have accurate mobile tracking.

Server-side tracking is one of the most accurate ways to track your campaigns and offers. It’s also one of the more technical ways to track your affiliate marketing.  Many affiliate marketers use server-side tracking to manage their mobile traffic tracking or when they want their normal web traffic to be extra-accurate.

LinkTrust Feature: ClickID Pixel Postback

ClickID Pixel Post starts by adding the click ID to the tracking process. The click ID is a unique number associated with individual clicks.  The click ID can be passed to the landing page or the advertiser’s server. When it is passed back to LinkTrust on a post back URL, LinkTrust will use it to track the conversions without any need for a cookie.

This method is considered very secure, because a transaction can only be generated by using a click ID. Because the click ID can be used more than once, you can secure the click ID post by white listing the posting server’s IP address.

The following is an example of a postback URL with the added click ID:


How do you add the ClickID to the landing page URL?

The click ID can be added to the landing page URL by adding the click ID token [=ClickID=] to the URL.





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