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Transferring Pixel Data

How to Transfer Data Across the Tracking URL, Landing Page URL and Confirmation Pixels (Affiliate & Merchant)

Transferring data on Affiliate links within the Affiliate Center:

  1. Affiliates login to the Affiliate Center to get the tracking link(s)
  2. The affiliate may append additional data onto the tracking URL:
  • To place a Sub ID: add SID=[YourSubIDHere] to the tracking link.
    - Example:  http://demo.linktrust.com/click.track?CID=100000&AFID=100072&ADID=1000000&SID=Test
  • To add additional data: 
    - Example: http://demo.linktrust.com/click.track?CID=100000&AFID=100072&ADID=1000000&SID=Test referenceID’s)&fname=John&lname=Doe&AffiliateReferenceID=(additionalaffiliatedata)

    *Note:  Adding this data  onto the tracking URL will pass the data into LinkTrust where you are given the option to pass the data onto the merchants Landing page URL via tokens or advanced options. (See Partner Center)

How to Pass Data to the Merchants Landing Page URL from the Affiliates Creative URL:

  1. Place the Merchants landing page URL in the Campaign Details Screen:
    - Example:  Http://www.LinkTrust.com?afid=&subid=
    1. Add tokens to the landing page URL to pass the data coming in on the affiliate’s tracking/creative URL:
      - Example:  Http://www.LinkTrust.com?afid=[=AFID=]&subid=[=SID=] 
    2. Check the propagate additional data option to pass any additional data being passed by the affiliate to the merchant.


How the Merchant can Pass Back Additional Data when the Confirmation Pixel Fires:

  1. Merchant must first place your confirmation pixel on the confirmation page. (use 'https://' for secure pixels). 
    This pixel can be found in 3 locations inside editing a campaign.  
    -The bottom of the campaign details screen in the tracking process
    -The Link Reference guide
    -The Pixvantage screen for that campaign

The merchant can add any value onto your pixel after the CID=####.  For example  CID=####&Anyname=(any value)

- Example:  SCRIPT language="javascript" src="http://demo2.linktrust.com/pixel.track?CID=100000&MerchantReferenceID=(merchant places ID here)&OrderID=(merchant places ID here)"></SCRIPT>
<NOSCRIPT><IMG src="http://demo2.linktrust.com/pixel.track?CID=100000&MerchantReferenceID=(merchant places ID here)&OrderID=(merchant places ID here)&p=img" width="1" height="1" border="0"></NOSCRIPT>

When your confirmation pixel fires you will receive whatever data the merchant appended to your pixel.  These values can be found under any of the reporting  “Q” or” A” hyperlinked numbers in the “Manage conversion Transactions” on the right side of the report.

You may also take a merchants appended data and create tokens to pass that information back to your affiliate via their pixel firing.

- Example: The merchant would fire your pixel as follows: SCRIPT language="javascript" src="http://demo2.linktrust.com/pixel.track?CID=100000&MerchantReferenceID=ABC654321&OrderID=212123"></SCRIPT>

By creating a Token out of the OrderID you can place it in the affiliates confirmation pixel and pass them the OrderID from the merchant.  To create the token add [=and=] around the field name.
- Example: [=OrderID=]

Result: The affiliate would then get “212123” reported back to their system when their pixel fires.

Adding Tokens to an Affiliate's Pixel:

  1. Make sure the affiliates confirmation pixel has been placed within the Affiliate Details in the Partner Center or in the Affiliates Account within the Affiliate Center.
  2. Click on the Token button to see available tokens in LinkTrust that can be posted back on the affiliates pixel.
  3. Add the tokens to the Affiliates pixel:
    - Example:  https://www.lbc123.com/?AddtionalData&sid=&Trans=
    - Edited with tokens:  https://www.lbc123.com/?[=OrderID=]&sid=[=SID=]&Trans=[=_TransID=].  By doing so the Affiliate will now receive the information appended to his confirmation pixel. 
  4. Update the pixel 

Adding tokens to the PixVantage text box for a campaign:

  1. The PixVantage text box is for adding Iframe, search and any other types of pixels not supported in the affiliates account (Java & IMG).
    Note:  All pixels placed within the Pixvantage text box will fire anytime your pixel fires but will not credit the affiliate account unless the originating cookie was from there account.  Your affiliates/publishers may over track when using this feature.
  2. Place the affiliate's pixel in the text box of the PixVantage section when editing a campaign.
  3. Click on the Token button to view the available tokens that you can pass back to the affiliate when their pixel fires.  You may also create tokens for values appended by your merchant.  (as previously mentioned above)
  4. WARNING: Do not use single quotes, carriage returns, or document.write statements in this textbox.  Please replace single quotes with double quotes.  Failure to do so will cause all pixels to not fire for this campaign, including pixels placed in affiliate accounts.


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