Data Fields


A data field is a specific piece of information to be collected by LinkTrust.  Some data is created by LinkTrust or is required in order for LinkTrust to work.

What's a Data Field?
A data field is a designated data point about a transaction or consumer.  Each field in the form which collects the lead should have a matching data field.  For instance, the first name of a consumer is a single data field.  

What's a System Field?
LinkTrust requires some system data points in order to track the lead.  These LinkTrust required system data points such as Campaign ID, Affiliate ID etc. are already created for the campaign.  Submitting leads via Simple or Secure Post will require the use of different System Data Fields.

What is a Custom Field?
To capture a lead, a custom data field must be created for each data point.   There are several types of custom data fields to choose from.  Make sure you select the data field type that most closely matches the type of data that data field will capture.  The reason for these various data field types is to enhance platform performance when storing data as well as to allow for appropriate data field validation.  Custom Data Fields can be ordered on the page.  The order of data fields is reflected in the Lead Listing page as well as the Posting Instructions page.  To order fields, simple click and drag them to the desired order.To edit a field, click the edit icon.

Custom Data Field Types:

  • Copy Field - This field type allows you to copy data fields from one campaign to another.  As long as the data field is unique you may copy a data field from any campaign.
  • Free Form Field - This field type should be used for capturing simple alphanumeric text.  Use this field only when all other fields do not apply. (e.g. name, address, color, description)
  • Number Field - This field type should be used for capturing numeric values with no symbols.  (e.g. age, annual income, number in household)
  • Date Field - This field type should be used for capturing a date or date/time.  The date submitted must be in US format (e.g. MM/DD/YYYY, MM-DD-YYYY, etc.).  Dates are then converted to your choice of 33 standard formats.  (e.g. 05/17/2013,  17 May 2013, Friday May 17, 2013)
  • Pick List Field - This field type should be used when you want to enforce a limited set of valid values which the field should accept.  (e.g. Gender is Male/Female, value must be Yes/No or True/False, or list of zip codes in Utah)
  • Calculated Field - This field type does not capture values.  Calculated fields create a value by calculating a formula. (e.g. calculate an age from a date, determine the next pay day from a pay date and pay period, determine a debt to income ratio, combine/separate phone number digits)

Changing or Deleting a Data Field:
A data field's display name can be changed, but the actual field name of the data field can not.  Deleting a data field removes that field's lead data from the system.  Creating a data field with the same name as one that was previously deleted, will restore the lead data.

Required Data Fields:
Each data field can be set to be required.  When a data field is required, a value must be submitted with each lead.

Show in Posting Instructions:
When you create data fields, LinkTrust automatically creates the necessary sample HTML code to submit data to the campaign.  This HTML code is available on the lead Posting Instructions page.  Data fields can be set to appear in these instructions or be hidden.  If a field is required, it must appear in the Posting Instructions.  Calculated fields never appear in these instructions since they do not receive data, but calculate formulas. 

Set Search Fields:
Setting search fields allows LinkTrust to provide optimized searching of leads on the Lead Listing and Channel Attempt Listing reports. Leads processed prior to setting a search field do not appear when a search is performed using the searchable field. We recommend setting your search field prior to capturing leads.  A search field should be configured for a data field that is commonly used to search for specific leads such as email address, state, zip code, etc. Important: Once a search field is set, it can not be undone or changed. A maximum of two search fields may be specified per campaign.  Select a field from the down down.  Note: Calculated fields can not be used as a search field.


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