Data Retention Policy

Data retention is a complicated balancing act.  We understand that maintaining our customer’s data is important to normal business operations. LinkTrust has developed a data retention plan that provides an effective balance between the two following areas of focus for our customers:

  1. Access to data in the system for a sufficient length of time to perform normal business functions.
  2. Maintenance of the health and viability of LinkTrust databases to ensure the stability, security, and speed of the system.

Important: We recommend exporting reports, clicks and transaction data monthly via your account or the APIs if you wish to have a copy of your reporting data past 18 months. Please contact support for data older than 18 months. A recovery fee is charged to retrieve data that is older than 18 months. Our data retention policy may be updated or change without notice. Please refer back to this page for any updates.

Data Retention Chart