July 2019 Product Update

Fresh New Affiliate Center, New Data Retention, Stripe Payouts, and Improved Advertiser Pages

Affiliate Center Templates

Use the new template selector to easily change the look & feel of your Affiliate Center. Our latest template shown here includes new charts, sections on recently closed traffic, and a ‘news feed’ of your latest affiliate messages.


Stripe Payouts

You can now automatically pay affiliates via Direct Deposit with Stripe. Choose to pay with your existing account or with a separate Stripe account. *Enterprise Plan Feature

New Data Retention

Over the past year we've talked with you about these changes. This week we're launching them:  all data types will be retained and accessible for 12 months by default. This is an increase for most data types; if you want to keep your data beyond the 12-month default, just talk to our team.


Easy-to-use Advertiser Pages

We've improved the pages where you manage your Advertisers. The listing of Advertisers is modeled after Affiliates and now includes an Export button, and the multi-purpose Search box works via a 'Contains' search for ID, Contact, Company, and Email. This page also includes a modal for adding a new Advertiser.




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