AB Testing For Lead Gen


AB Testing (or split-testing) is a powerful concept for gauging the effectiveness of different marketing or promotional strategies. Within LinkTrust, we provide the ability to run AB tests on different Landing Pages for your offer as seen in another video. You can accomplish this with LeadGen campaigns as well.

Overview of Concept

To perform AB testing on a LeadGen campaign within LinkTrust, two campaigns will be used. A CPA campaign will be used ro redirect and track AB Landing Pages while a LeadGen campaign will capture the lead data.

Here is a basic overview of the concept:

  1. A consumer clicks on a tracking link
  2. They are redirected through the CPA campaign to any of the AB Landing Pages (or Form Pages). Note that the CPA campaign will remember to which landing page the user has been redirected.
  3. The consumer fills out the form and the data is submitted to LinkTrust.
  4. Upon a successful submission, the user is redirected to a “Thank You” or “Confirmation” page.
  5. The CPA campaign pixel on this page will fire, associating this conversion with the Landing Page
  6. In total, you will have one conversion in your CPA campaign for the successful lead submit in addition to any successful attempts to sell the lead within the LeadGen campaign.

Important Settings

To assist you in setting up your campaign, here are some specific points to keep in mind:

1. Remember that your landing pages should be configured in the CPA campaign. You probably won’t need to use the LeadGen Landing page field, so you can fill it in with a placeholder value.

2. Make sure to place the pixel from the CPA campaign onto your Thank You Page. You can get this from the “Get Links” or Campaign “Pixel” pages.

3. Tnside of your LeadGen campaign, in the “Responses” page, don’t forget to set your “Success Redirect” to point to the URL of your landing page. Remember that your form page will submit into the LeadGen campaign, but the AB Testing information will be recorded in the CPA campaign.

4. To view reporting, head to your campaign performance report. Here, you can see the performance of your LeadGen campaign. To view AB Landing Page statistics, click on the AB icon for your CPA campaign.


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