Alias Details


The Alias Details page allows you to setup the Advertiser Field Names based on the Advertiser's posting instructions.



Display Name - This allows you to assign a different name to an alias in the Channel Alias page.  This name is displayed in the Channel Aliases in the Display Name column.

Enabled - The enabled check box allows you enable or disable a particular alias.

Add to Success Response - This allows you to include the contents of the alias in the server response.  The contents of the alias is displayed in the response even if the alias is disabled.

Advertiser Field Name - This is the field name entered from the Advertiser's posting instructions.

Field Value Type - The Field Value Type is the data field type you assign to an alias value.  The Field Value Type values are as follows:

  • Data Field - This is a custom data field that you created on the Data Fields page.
  • System Data Field - These are system generated data fields such as the AFID or CID, IP Address, Return ID, etc.  To send a system field to a buyer, select the System Data Field from the field type drop down menu and then select the value from the drop down menu below the field value type.
  • Text - The text type data field allows you to enter any text you wish to pass to your buyer.
  • Formula - The formula data field type allows you calculate data to pass to your buyer using formulas and tokens.

Send Data Field Value Without Changing it or Send dynamic value using IF/Then statements - This feature allows you to alter data before you send it to your buyer.  If your buyer requires a checking account value of "Checking" but you are collecting the value for a checking account as "Check", you can easily change the value to what your buyer requires.  In the "If This Value" text box enter "Check" and then enter "Checking" in the "Then Send This Value" text box.  The system will modify the data so that "Check" becomes "Checking" and passes the modified value to your buyer.  You can also modify blank "IF" values.

Add Another Button - The "Add Another" button allows you to create multiple IF/THEN statements to modify multiple values if needed.

Add Another Check Box - The "Add Another" check box allows you to create multiple aliases without going back to the main page for each new alias.


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