Lead Overview Diagram





Explanation of Diagram:

1. Traffic from various internet sources is directed to a form

  • Websites, social media, mobile traffic, QR codes, and email
  • Host and Post (The lead submission form is owned by an affiliate)

2. A consumer submits their information

3. The information is submitted to LinkTrust as a Lead

4. The lead is validated for accuracy and business rule compliance

5. LinkTrust attempts to sell the lead to buyers (referred to as Channels within LinkTrust)

  • Leads can be sold one or many times (Exclusive/Semi-exclusive)
  • LinkTrust can be configured to sell to the highest bidder (Ping/Post)
  • Assuming the state field value of the lead is 'Utah'
    • LinkTrust rejected Channel 1 because the lead did not meet the rules of the Channel
    • The lead meets the rules for Channel 2, and LinkTrust sent the lead to the buyer. However, the buyer rejected the lead in real-time due to any number of reasons. LinkTrust recognized the rejection from the buyer's response and therefore set the attempt to 'Rejected by Response"
    • Channel 3 accepted the lead
      • The commission and revenue associated with this channel will be calculated and reported

6. Lead Reports give a view of lead data as they come in the system

7. Channel Attempt Reports give a view of channel attempts going out of the system


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