Lead Posting Instruction

These instructions are intended to help with getting lead data to be submitted to the campaign.  If you are allowing affiliates to host their own forms where consumers will submit data, a public version of these instructions is available via the "Public Posting Instructions" link.  Affiliates who use this link to get instructions can also post sample leads to the page and view what data the page captured.  This is perfect for allowing an affiliate to test their basic integration while keeping those test leads our of your campaign. These instructions should contains everything you need to setup a form on a website or integrate an external source which can send data to your campaign.  

Simple or Secure Post Methods

Simple post is the simplest way to submit data.  It requires that all system data fields (AFID, SID, ADID, AffiliateReferenceID) be posted in separately.  A campaign ID (CID) does not need to be posted since the ID already exists in the Post URL.  Most affiliates and forms will probably use this method.  Learn more about Simple Post by viewing the Lead Submission Options Diagram.


        1. Simplest method to send data because NO pre-action (click)  is required.
        2. Great for automated lead submissions. (no live consumer traffic)


        1. No security to ensure that the lead actually came from a consumer.
        2. Traffic to the landing page is not tied to the lead form.

Secure post is the securest method for submitting data because instead of requiring all system data fields to be posted individually, a Click ID must be submitted with each lead.  A single click ID can only be submitted with a lead once.  A click ID is created when a consumer clicks a tracking link.  


        1. Ensures that each lead submitted originated from a consumer who actually clicked on a creative.  
        2. Lead quality is increased and potential fraud is reduced.  
        3. Click traffic can be monitored and pre-filtered before it gets to your lead form.
        4. Traffic to affiliate hosted forms can be monitored and quality ensured.
        5. Stops most automated lead submissions. (no live consumer traffic)


        1. Requires that a click ID be captured by the lead form page and stored as a 'hidden field'.

Sample Test Code

LinkTrust creates sample code which can be used to facilitate the process of submitting leads.  Four methods of submitting data are available:  Form Post, Querystring, XML and JSON.  Copy the desired code and give it to your developer.

Live Post URL

This is the URL that you will use to submit all live leads after testing is complete.

Public Posting Instructions

If you want affiliates or external sources to have the instructions for posting data, enable this feature and email the affiliate the URL.  Disabling this feature will produce a 'dead' page when the link is clicked.  If you want your affiliates to access this URL from within the affiliate Center, simple copy and paste the URL into the details of the campaign.

Response Codes

Each time a lead is submitted to LinkTrust, a response is returned.  This help link contains the information about the different types of responses which are returned.

Submit a Test Lead

Click on this link to open the 'Submit a Lead' page.  This allows you to easily submit a lead to the campaign and test your validation, rules and distribution.

Submit a Batch of Leads

This help link contains the information needed to download and use the 'Lead Poster' which facilitates the submitting of leads from a batch file on a PC.

Data Fields

This area lists all the data fields (both system and custom) with their corresponding field names.  It also describes the validation rules for each field and any notes.

Additional Instructions

Enter any additional instructions which you want users or affiliates to know when setting us this campaign.  This open text field will allow HTML and Java Script for added customization.


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