Lead Responses (Settings)

This page allows you to configure some basic settings which control how LinkTrust will handle lead data posted as well as the response back to consumers when they submit their lead.


Posting Security

Leads submitted via Secure Post without a valid Click ID

This area allows you to control what happens in the event that a valid Click ID is not submitted with a lead when it is required.  Since the Click ID contains the information necessary to assigning the lead to an affiliate, you can specify which affiliate get's credit when a valid Click ID is missing.  You can also block the lead data being posted in the event a Click ID is missing.

Note: If you pass a blank or no Click ID on a secure post or it is clearly an invalid click id based on the format of it then we check to see if the campaign is configured to auto assign to a specific affiliate and if so we use it.  If you pass a click ID and it is for a different campaign or has expired etc then we error because we assume you really wanted to use that click id and should not be able to continue.

Learn more about when to use Simple vs. Secure Post

Allow Simple Posts (Use for Host & Post offers)

This configuration allows you and affiliates to "Host & Post" lead data without the consumer first having clicked through a tracking link and generating a Click ID.  Simple Posts are less secure than Secure Posts because all the the required information to assign the lead to an affiliate is posted directly in with the lead data and a click to the lead form is not required prior to submitting a lead to LinkTrust.  Enable this setting when lead data is being posted from by an affiliate and a Click ID is not available. 

Note: If you pass a blank AFID or no AFID on a simple post or it is not a number then we check to see if the campaign is configured to auto assign to a specific affiliate and if so we use it. If you pass an AFID and the number is just invalid we error back because we assume that in passing a number you really wanted that number and want an error if it won't work.

Learn more about when to use Simple vs. Secure Post

Prevent/Allow IP addresses from being posted in with the lead data. (Use for simple Host & Post offers)

If you have an affiliate that is posting lead data from a back-end service (not directly from their website interacting with the consumer), use this feature to allow the IP address of the consumer to be posted in with the lead rather than LinkTrust assuming that the location posting the lead data is that of the consumer.  If a back-end service is posting the lead data to you, then the IP address of the back-end service's IP address will appear to be the consumer's IP address. This settings allows the back-end service to specify the IP address of the consumer.


  • Configure the maximum number of times LinkTrust should attempt to sell each lead.  Enter a '1' for exclusive sales.  '0' is not allowed.


  • If all of the channels configured in distribution reject the lead and therefore, the lead is unable to be sold,you can still pay the affiliate for that data.  Although this is not a common practice, you may be paying the affiliate for their raw lead data regardless of whether you can sell the lead.  Enable this feature if you want to credit affiliates in this manner.  By default, this is not enabled simple because it puts you at a greater financial risk to pay for leads that are not sold.  


  • Specify the maximum number of days that can go by before a lead can no longer be returned.


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