Lead Status

Each lead transaction in LinkTrust receives a status automatically.

Transaction Status Details:

  • Accepted
    The Lead passed all filters and validations.  If data delivery is enabled, then the lead was also sold to a merchant.
  • Pending
    The transaction was captured and is awaiting a secondary action before the final status is assigned.
  • Returned
    The Lead was returned by the merchant.  This status is only assigned to the lead if no other merchants bought the lead.
  • Filtered - Dropped
    The Lead did not contain the required minimum of information to be processed by LinkTrust.  This usually referrers to a valid Campaign ID and Affiliate ID.
  • Filtered - No Coverage
    The Lead was captured and passed the campaign filters and validations, but no merchant channels accepted the lead.
  • Filtered - Rejected
    The Lead did not pass the campaign filters or validations.