Lead Submission Responses

The default response format is based upon the format of the data submitted.  For instance, if you post via query string or form post, a redirect URL will be returned.  If a lead is submitted via XML, an XML response is returned and likewise if a lead is submitted via JSON, a JSON response is returned.

Note: When submitting leads you must use one of the following methods:


However, the response format can be specified by appending one of the following parameters to the Post URL: ResponseFormat=redirect, ResponseFormat=xml, and ResponseFormat=json.

By posting the desired name value pairs to your post, you will receive the appropriate response back.  The list of error codes and error messages you may receive back are located at the bottom of this page.

Example: http://leadgendomain/Lead/123456/SimplePost?ResponseFormat=xml

Ping XML Response:

Successful Ping

   <Reason>Buyer Accepted</Reason>

Rejected Ping

   <Reason>Rejected by all buyers.</Reason>

Ping JSON Response:

Successful Ping


      "Accepted": true,
      "Reason": "Buyer Accepted",
      "LeadId": "L0067-99B02",
      "AcceptedPings": [
                  "PingId": "P0067-4D7D1C",
                  "Payout": 0
Rejected Ping
      "Accepted": "false",
      "Reason": "Rejected by all buyers.",
      "LeadId": "L0067-99B09"

Post XML Response:

Successful Lead

   <commissionStatus>Not Approved</commissionStatus>

Rejected Lead

   <message>Fname is required.</message>

Post JSON Response:

Successful Lead

"{ "status": "Accepted", "leadId": "L0272-4B879", "commissionStatus": "Not Approved", "commission": null, "successUrl": "/Lead/305768/Success" }"

Rejected Lead

"{ "status": "Rejected", "responseCode": 2004, "message": "Unable to accept lead.", "failedDataField": null, "failureUrl": "/Lead/305768/Failure/Rejected?EC=2004&EM=Unable+to+accept+lead." }"

List of Response Codes:

Note: Your affiliate will receive less information then you on the response reason. 


Response Code Response Message
0 Lead was accepted.
1000 Campaign is dead and not accepting leads.
1001 Campaign is expired and not accepting leads.
1002 Campaign is not accepting leads.
1100 Click ID is invalid.
1101 Affiliate ID is invalid.
1102 Simple post is not allowed.
1103 Affiliate is suspended and not authorized to post leads.
1104 Affiliate is blocked and not authorized to post leads.
1105 Affiliate is not authorized to post leads.
1106 Sub ID is blocked and not authorized to post leads.
1107 Cap has been met.
1200 {0} is required.
1201 {0} could not be calculated.
1202 Posted IP address is not valid.
1203 {0} can only contain whole numbers. No decimal points allowed.
1204 {0} must be a valid number.
1205 {0} is less than the allowed minimum value.
1206 {0} is greater than the allowed maximum value.
1207 {0} must be a valid date.
1208 The length of {0} is less than the allowed minimum length.
1209 The length of {0} is greater than the allowed maximum length.
1210 {0} does not match the required format.
1211 {0} does not contain one of the allowed values from list.
1212 {0} format can not be evaluated.
1213 {0} contains a value which is not allowed.
1214 {0} contains an invalid formula.
1215 {0} contains an unknown data field in the formula.
1216 {0} could not be validated due to an unexpected problem.
1217 Validation Errors.
1218 Invalid System Field.
1300 Rule Failure.
1301 Rule Failure Due To Exception.
1302 Click ID Already Used.
1303 Fraud Score Failure.
2001 Distribution Failure No Tiers Exist for Channel ID {0}.
2002 All Tier Rules Failed.
2003 All Channel Rules Failed.
2004 Rejected by all buyers.
2005 Unable to accept lead. Sold lead has hit maximum times it can be sold.
3000 An unexpected error occurred.
3001 Unauthorized.
4001 Invalid Ping ID.
4002 Post Values do not match submitted Ping Values.
4003 Ping channel has no associated Post channel.
4005 Ping Minimum Payout not met.


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