LinkTrust Lead Poster

The Lead Poster allows you to submit leads or pixel tracking information to a LinkTrust campaign.

*Note: The Lead Poster is a PC desktop application. (OS System Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7).

Step 1: Download the Lead Poster application (30KB)

Step 2: Unzip and Extract the files to your PC.

Step 3: Open LeadPoster.exe to start the application.

Step 4: Enter the Destination URL.  This is the web location where leads will be posted.

Step 5: Select your file.

Select the data file which contains your transaction or lead information.  The file must be in a tab delimited format.  The Lead Poster will load the data from the file and show it in the viewer window.  If the Lead Poster detects an issue with a data row or format incompatibility in your file, a small red icon will appear next to the row. Errors usually results from a mismatch of tabs detected on the row when compared to the first row.  You can hover your mouse over the icon to display an error message.

Step 6: Starting, Stopping and Pausing.

You may pause or stop the submission process at any time.  Pausing or stopping the process will effect where the system picks back up within your file.  Pausing the process will allow you to re-start the process where you left off.  Stopping the process does not allow you to start back up where you left off, but instead will cause the Lead Poster to start over at the top of your file when restarted.

Optional Settings

Time Delay

By default, the Lead Poster will submit leads as quickly as possible, one record at a time.  However, you may specify a delay between submissions.  To randomize the delay between leads, specify a minimum and maximum value.  The Lead Poster will randomly post leads within that range.

View Response

By default, the Lead Poster does not display the response returned for each lead submitted.  To view the web response for each submitted lead, select View Response. If submitting leads in high volume or at high speeds, leave this option unchecked.

Delivery Method

By default, the Lead Poster submits leads via the Form Post Method.  If you require GET (Querystring), select the GET radio button.  Note: When posting an AFID Pixel Post or ClickID Pixel Post, LinkTrust requires the GET method.  When posting a pixel transaction modification, use the POST method.  When submitting lead data, either option is acceptable.

Notice: The LinkTrust Lead Poster is a product of LinkTrust Systems, Inc. and is protected under copyright law. Use at your own risk. Unauthorized use is prohibited.


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