How Do I Shop For Ad Spaces?

When you see an ad space that you want, click on View Details to see more information about it.  You can also connect with an ad space by clicking on Connect and then asking about it to the ad space owner (If the Ad Space is your own, you won’t see an option to request Ad Space).

Feel free to customize the message that will be sent to the owner of the ad space. The default message contains placeholders (called Tokens) that are used to insert your information and the ad space owner’s information into the message. However, you may modify and save a template that will suit your own needs and style. (After the ad space owner accepts your request, you’ll receive their full contact information).  

When you attempt to connect to the owner of an ad space:

  1. The ad space is moved to the Pending Ad Space tab.  
  2. The ad space owner receives your request and can select whether to accept or deny it.  

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Request Ad Space



How do I withdraw my request?

You may send up to ten (10) requests each day. If you send a request for an ad space and then want to withdraw it, locate the offer on the Pending Ad Space tab and click ‘Withdraw Request'. If a request is withdrawn before the Ad Space owner accepts it, the ad space owner will be notified that the request was withdrawn.

May I re-send a request?

You may re-send a request to the same ad space owner by locating it on the Pending Ad Space tab and clicking ‘Re-send Request'.

What happens when my request is accepted?

If an ad space owner accepts your request:

  1. The ad space owner's information is copied into an affiliate account thereby allowing you to see the ad space owner's contact information.  
  2. The ad space is moved to My Ad Space where you can view the Ad Space details as well as open the associated affiliate’s details.
  3. LinkTrust sends an 'Accepted Application' email to the ad space owner along with a login to your Affiliate Center where they can get links, ads etc.

*Note: This new affiliate account is tagged as a ‘MarketPlace Affiliate’ so that you can distinguish them from other affiliates in their account. LinkTrust also creates a new affiliate account for LinkTrust (us) and saves it to your account and then associates the new affiliate account to the LinkTrust affiliate account as a referral.  This allows LinkTrust to calculate a 7% commission bonus to be paid out to  the LinkTrust affiliate based on the commissions generated from the new affiliate account. LinkTrust clients will be invoiced this 7% bonus each month.

*Note: If an ad space owner has already accepted a previous request, any additional requests accepted from you for other ad spaces will appear as another ad space in their affiliate account.  (There currently is not a way to view all the ad spaces associated to your affiliate other than in My Ad Spaces.)

What happens if my request is denied?

If an owner of an Ad Space denies your request:

  1. They are redirected to a page on that says that they have rejected the request.  
  2. The ad space listed on Pending Ad Space is updated to say that the request was rejected.

Why would my ad space request be denied?

An ad space owner could reject your request based upon whether they feel that your offer is a good fit for their audience.


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