Shopping For Ad Spaces

Connect with your ideal audience by advertising your offer through online, local and national advertising spaces. Choose among thousands of digital and traditional advertising channels.  Then, connect and leverage the perfect ad space to drive more sales, leads and appointments.    Advertising your offer is offers is as easy as…

  1. Search
  2. Connect
  3. Share Your Ads
  4. Get Sales
What’s an Ad Space?

An ad space is any place where a product or service can be advertised.  For example, it can be a radio spot, TV commercial spot, flyer, webpage, message in an email, column in a newspaper or magazine, coupon in a mailer, billboard, sports arena, sign on a fence etc.  Simply put… An ad space is any place where you can advertise to a specific audience.

An ad space owner is an entity that owns or has access to at least one ad space.  For example, a media outlet may have hundreds of radio stations nationwide.  Each radio station has service in a particular geographic area and each program on a station caters to a specific audience. The media outlet has an ad space to advertise to each program’s audience.


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