How Do I Shop For Offers?

Begin by searching among thousands of local and national offers on Shop for Offers. Then, apply to advertise the offer you want to your audience. Narrow your search to offers that best suit your specific audience. The more relevant an offer is to your audience, the more sales you will make.

When you locate the offer you want, click ‘Apply’ or ‘View Details’.  While your application is being reviewed, the offer will move to Pending Offers.  Once your application is approved by the advertiser, the offer will appear on My Offers.  Then, get links and ads to display to your audience.  Every sale or lead generated from your audience is tracked and you get paid.

When you apply to the offer of an advertiser:

  1. The offer is moved to Pending Offers.  
  2. The advertiser receives your application and can select whether to accept or deny it.

Shop for Offers



Offer Details



Application Pending Approval



What information is included in my application?

Your application contains the company information you used when you signed up as well as the contact information of the user who is designated as the MarketPlace contact.  In a future release, you will be able to change the contact information to another user before you send the application.  If you want to change who is the contact for the MarketPlace, hover over your profile picture in the upper right corner of the page and select ‘Users’.  Then select the user you want and check the option ‘MarketPlace Contact’.  If you wish to see which user’s information is being used, locate the ‘MarketPlace Contact’ within the column named ‘Contact Type’ on the users page.




MarketPlace Contact



What happens when my application is accepted?

When an advertiser accepts your application to advertise their offer, the offer will move to the My Offers tab.  You’ll also get a friendly welcome email from the advertiser.  Now that you are connected to the advertiser, you can open the offer’s details and get links and ads to share with your audience as well as view your commissions. (Advertisers accept or deny applications on the Pending Applications page in their account)

My Offers Tab



What happens if my application is denied?

An advertiser is reviewing your application to ensure that their brand will be appropriately represented.  If they don’t feel like your audience is a good fit, they may deny your application.

When an advertiser denies your application, the offer will remain on Pending Offers and show a ‘Denied’ message. (Advertisers accept or deny applications on the Pending Applications page in their account).

Pending Offers tab



May I apply for multiple offers from the same advertiser?

Yes!  If you apply for more than one offer from the same advertiser, those offers will all appear on My Offers once your application or any subsequent offers are approved.


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