Mobile Analytics

LinkTrust collects your traffic's mobile information automatically and the Mobile Analytics report displays the performance and stats related to your mobile traffic.  

This report is a hierarchical report with campaigns on the "parent row" (top level) and the device, carrier, country, operating system and WiFi traffic on the "child row" (second level).  The report is accessible from the Reports tab or when clicking on the Mobile Analytics report icon from various other reports.  Mobile stats do not take into account stats adjustments made by users since the report is based on analytics.  Mobile stats are available for 3 months, however, the maximum number of days the report may be run is for any 7 day period within that 3 months.

In order to run the report a valid campaign must be selected.  You may narrow your search further by specifying an affiliate or if you wish you may sort the results by campaign category, campaign group, device, carrier, country, operating system or WiFi traffic.  This allows you to easily view traffic and conversion trends for the specific parameters.  When you run the report you will see that some campaigns include a stat for "non-mobile" traffic, however, the graph will only display stats generated from mobile devices.  

This report does not display stats in real-time!  Therefore, stats you see in this report will not match the stats from another report that are displaying results in real-time, such as the campaign performance report.  To view results for the current hour, you will need to wait until the current hours data is processed (The current hour's data will be available during the next hour).  Any stats adjustments made will not display in this report since this report is based on analytics.

Customize this report:

  • This report can also be customized. To see details how to customize this report please see the My Saved Reports page.
  • Depending on your user rights some elements of the report including columns, criteria, results columns may be hidden from view. 

The Mobile Analytics graph operates independent of the main report results and is displayed automatically when the results load.  When you run a new query, the graph will be reset to match the results for the campaign selected with clicks as the default criteria.  You have the ability to select only one stat at a time to be displayed on the graph by checking the check box next to the stat you wish to be displayed on the graph.  Each stat is displayed with it's own color to distinguish them from one another and the legend below the bars display what each stat color represents.  For example, by selecting device with clicks you are able to graphically view all devices and the click stats from those devices on the graph.


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