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This page allows you to search for tasks.

Search Criteria

The following is the search criteria you can use to find a task:

FieldDo the following:Created ByTo search by task creator, select the user's name from the drop-down field.Assigned ToTo search by task assignment, select the user's name from the drop-down field.SubjectTo search by subject, enter the subject in the field.Task StatusTo search by task status, mark the status option. The following lists the available options:

  • Not Started
  • In Progress
  • Completed
  • Blocked - This status is used when you are unable to move forward on the task until an obstacle beyond your power is removed.
  • Abandoned - This status is used when a task is no longer needed, will not be completed, but should remain archived.
  • Pending Question - This status is used when your task contains a question for another user. Tasks with this status will be readily visible to the user who it is assigned to. You cannot assign the task to yourself and set it to Pending Question.
  • Response - This status is used to provide a response or answer to another user.  Tasks with this status are visible to the user assigned to it.  You cannot assign a task to yourself and set it to Response.

RegardingTo search for an affiliate, campaign and/or advertiser associated to the task, select Select. To clear your search criteria, select Clear. Affiliate and advertiser select options are only available if you have user rights for affiliates and advertisers.ImportanceTo search by task importance, select the importance level from the drop-down field. Importance allows you to set a level of importance to each task using the following scale:

  • All
  • Low
  • Normal
  • High - This adds an exclamation point (!) in front of the task on the dashboard.


Begin your task search by selecting Search.

If you want to clear your search criteria, select Reset.

Search Result

The search results table displays the following information:

  • Assigned To
  • Subject - By selecting the Subject, you can open the task details.
  • Status
  • Created
  • Due
  • Created By
  • Delete Trash Can - By selecting Trash Can, you delete the task. A user can only delete tasks they create.


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