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Task Details

Task management allows for effective time management and work documentation within an organization. Tasks allow users to create and assign work between each other and to document activities related to specific affiliates, merchants and campaigns. Tasks can also contain a due date or be due anytime.

On this help page, you learn the following:

  • Identify Task Details
  • How to Edit a Task
Identify Task Details

Before you add a task, make sure you understand the following concepts to creating a task:

  • Subject
  • Description
  • Associate a Task to an Affiliate, Campaign, or Merchant
  • Assign the Task
  • Due Date
  • Importance
  • Status
  • Created Date
  • Created By
  • Add Comment
  • Task History


The subject of the task should be a short description of what the task is. The Subject field cannot be modified unless you are the creator of the task. This field is required.

Associate the Task to an Affiliate, Campaign, or Merchant

Regarding allows you to associate a task to an affiliate, campaign or merchant related to the task's activity. Affiliate and merchant selection is only available if you have affiliate or merchant rights.

Assign the Task

Assigned To allows you to assign tasks to yourself or another user in the system.

Due Date

Due date allows the task creators to set a date for when a task is due.


Importance allows you to set a level of importance to each task using the following scale:

  • Low
  • Normal
  • High - This adds an exclamation point (!) in front of the task on the dashboard.


Status allows you to identify the progress of each task by applying the following to the task:

  • Not Started
  • In Progress
  • Completed
  • Blocked - This status is used when you are unable to move forward on the task until an obstacle beyond your power is removed.
  • Abandoned - This status is used when a task is no longer needed, will not be completed, but should remain archived.
  • Pending Question - This status is used when your task contains a question for another user. Tasks with this status will be readily visible to the user who it is assigned to. You cannot assign the task to yourself and set it to Pending Question.
  • Response - This status is used to provide a response or answer to another user. Tasks with this status are visible to the user assigned to it. You cannot assign a task to yourself and set it to Response.

Created Date

Created Date identifies when the task was created.

Created By

Created By identifies the person that created the task.

Add Comment

Add Comment allows you to record your comments, questions, or responses as you complete the task.

Task History

Task History lists the activity of the task.

How to Modify a Task

To modify a task, do the following:

  1. In the Subject field, enter a new subject. You must be the creator of the task to edit this field.
  2. Under Regarding, change the task associations for an affiliate, campaign or merchant, browse to the affiliate, campaign or merchant by selecting Select.
  3. In the Assign To field, reassign the task by selecting a different user from the drop-down field.
  4. In the Due Date field, change the due date by selecting the field. You must be the creator of the task to edit this field.
  5. From the Importance drop-down field, select a new importance. You must be the creator of the task to edit this field.
  6. From the Status drop-down field, select the new status.
  7. In the Add Comments field, enter any commentsquestions or responses.
  8. Save your changes by selecting Update or Update and Close.


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