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Test Affiliate

The Test Affiliate page allows you to designate a single affiliate as a test affiliate for their account. The test affiliate ONLY works with CPA/CPL campaigns.  The test affiliate allows you to test campaign landing pages without affecting your revenue and other vital statistics. To set your test affiliate, go to Affiliates > My Test Affiliate. The following conditions apply to the test affiliate account:

  1. All new campaigns created are automatically assigned to the test affiliate at the default payout. If you want to include all your campaigns that were created prior to creating a test affiliate, you must perform a mass action to assign those campaigns to the test affiliate.
  2. If the confirmation pixel is emailed to a advertiser when the campaign is created, a tracking URL from the test affiliate account for the campaign is included in the body of the email.
  3. (Optional) Affiliate payout for all tracked conversions for this account is set to $0.00 for affiliate payout.
  4. (Optional) Advertiser revenue for all tracked conversions for this account is set to $0.00 for advertiser revenue.
  5. (Optional) Auto un-approve all transactions for all tracked conversions.
  6. (Optional) Bypass all campaign click filters on the click URL.

All of these options are selected for you by default.

The following is a sample of the email sent from the test affiliate:

Dear Advertiser Name,

Here is a test link for the campaign:
Test affiliate link here

Please place this pixel code on your confirmation page where a conversion should be tracked: 
Current pixel code here

Please let me know if you have any problems or questions.

Thank you,


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