3rd Party Integration



Complete Payment Suite for Affiliates.

PayQuicker, LLC ( is an Internet-based, global-payment gateway. PayQuicker’s exclusive online portal solution simplifies and streamlines the payment process, while significantly reducing transaction costs and assuring quicker payments.  PayQuicker’s revolutionary payment gateway bridges the gap that existed in the payment industry by offering a unique “single source, any method, low or no fee“ approach. Pay anyone, anywhere, instantly, for free!

PayQuicker offers a simple, unique, batch-payment system whereby all payment types including their exclusive, free, global Member-to-Member payments, ACH (Domestic Direct Deposit), EFT/Wire (International Direct Deposit) and global paper checks are processed in one uploaded batch file. In addition, PayQuicker Members have access to a Debit Card, conveniently linked to their account, for purchases or withdrawals at thousands of ATM’s.

For more information, contact Steve Manetta, VP of Business Development at (866) 400-2712 ext.103.

Why Choose PayQuicker:

  • Immediate payment: Receive payments in minutes anywhere in the world.
  • No credit required.
  • Convenient: No bank account required, no heavy bank fees or hassles.
  • Multiple payout options: ACH, Wire, Paper Check, Prepaid Debit Card & Member-to-Member transfer.
  • Free member-to-member transfers.
  • Free processing and disbursments.
  • Easy to order. Easy to manage: Access your account online anytime.

How to enable and export affiliate commissions within LinkTrust for PayQuicker:

Allow affiliates to choose PayQuicker as a payment method

  • Login to the LinkTrust Partner Center
  • Click ‘Affiliate Center’
  • Check the ‘PayQuicker’ option
  • Click ‘Update'


Affiliate Perspective

  • Affiliates select a payment method on the affiliate signup application
  • They enter their preferred email address to use with that payment platform  (Note: This payment method and email address are editable within the affiliate’s ‘My Account’ page.)
  • Payments made will appear in the affiliate's ‘Payment History’ page


Exporting a PayQuicker batch file from LinkTrust for processing

  • Login to the LinkTrust Affiliate Center
  • Click ‘Reports’
  • Click ‘Affiliate Commissions’
  • Select PayQuicker as the Payment Type
  • Click ‘Generate Report’
  • Click ‘Export to PayQuicker’
  • Click ‘Record Payments in LinkTrust’ (Optional)

Importing a PayQuicker batch file to PayQuicker for Processing

  • Login to your PayQuicker account and import the file to process payments


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