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Propagate Additional Data

This option allows LinkTrust to append any additional data which was added to the affiliate's tracking link to the landing page URL.

What is Additional Data?
Additional Data is any data not used by LinkTrust which is appended to the tracking URL using a name=value pair. When this additional data passes through LinkTrust, it is recorded and displayed for each transaction within the Conversion Details report. The ability for an Affiliate to pass additional data through LinkTrust can be limited. By default, LinkTrust doesn't allow additional data on a Tracking URL to be passed to the Advertiser's landing page.

Why would I enable this?
If you want any additional data appended to the affiliate's tracking link to be sent to the Advertiser on the landing page URL, enable the Propagate Additional Data option. This is often used to pre-populate a form on the landing page.

How do I enable Propagate Additional Data?
You can enable each campaign to individually allow the propagation of additional data in campaign settings. Click the box located directly beneath where you enter your default landing page URL.

Additional Data Tokens
If you wish to place a token that provides a specific value from an Affiliate's Tracking URL, place [= and =] around the name of the field that was provided on the URL. For example, if your affiliate appended "&site=google&type=search" onto their Tracking URL, You can pass either of these values back onto their tracking pixel by adding "&site=[=site=]&type=[=type=]".

Tokens available for the Landing Page URL:
Campaign ID: [=CID=]
Affiliate ID: [=AFID=]
Creative ID: [=ADID=]
Sub ID: [=SID=]
Click ID: [=ClickID=]
Affiliate Reference ID: [=AffiliateReferenceID=]
Alternate ID: [=AltID=]
NonEncoded URL for Dynamic landing pages: [=NonEncodedURL=]
Additional Data: [=Field Name=]


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