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Remote Traffic Agent

The LinkTrust Remote Traffic Agent (RTA) allows you to run your LinkTrust clicks and impressions traffic across your own private ISP.   The RTA application runs on your sever(s) and redirects tracking URLs based on a server side call to the LinkTrust system.  The RTA is in the “Beta” phase of development. 

The main benefits of using the RTA are as follows:

  • Gives you, the network, full control over the ISP that you run your traffic through.
  • Ability to white-label your traffic by customizing your server headers.
  • Mitigate risk by distributing traffic across multiple ISP locations.
  • A more effective method for utilizing the LinkTrust random domain feature.
  • Controls email deliverability better by using your own IPs.
  • Cloaks your LinkTrust tracking domains and IP.

Below are the steps we would propose for migrating your traffic from your current tracking domain to an RTA. Please contact LinkTrust Support at support@linktrust.com to acquire the Remote Traffic Agent and Reference Guide. 

  1. LinkTrust: will setup a secondary tracking domain for your account.  (Notify LinkTrust of the domain you choose and point it to the IP address of your current tracking domain)
  2. Client: Setup RTA(s) in various hosted locations and point a new domain to each with the config file using your new secondary tracking domain.
  3. Client and LinkTrust: Test the new RTA(s) to ensure they are working.
  4. Client: Add all the domains that go to RTA(s) to the Random Domains feature in LinkTrust.
  5. Client: Swap out current confirmation page pixels with new pixels that use your new secondary domain.
  6. Client: Ensure that all campaigns have IP Backup tracking enabled in the campaign settings prior to swapping out the confirmation pixels.)
  7. Client: Add the [=RandomDomain=] token to the tracking link field of each campaign and modify the URL from click.track to click.ashx of the RTA file.
  8. Client: Test affiliate links from within your Affiliate Center.
  9. Client: Once affiliates have pulled updated creatives from the Affiliate Center with the new domains in them, host an impression redirect script from LinkTrust and point your primary domain DNS record to it. (This will cause the secondary domain to now become the primary domain within LinkTrust)

*Note: Never share your new primary domain with affiliates.  Only provide domains that point to an RTA.


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Need help with this feature or have questions? You can contact our support team at support@linktrust.com