Custom Pricing

Traffic with custom affiliate payouts or merchant revenue is grouped together on a single line within Reports.  This is also true for traffic from your selected test affiliate. Impressions, clicks and conversions associated with a custom sub ID payout/revenue, custom creative payout/revenue or merchant revenue override displays in the Custom row in Reports.  Affiliate Center reporting works the same way but does not contain the word Custom next to the row.

The Custom row displays in Reports when the following features are used:

  • Affiliate Payout from Percent Based Campaigns
  • Affiliate Payout passed in through a Custom Conversion Parameter
  • Affiliate Payout by Sub ID (SID)
  • Affiliate Payout by Creative ID (ADID)
  • Merchant Revenue from Percent Based Campaigns
  • Merchant Revenue passed in through a Custom Conversion Parameter
  • Merchant Revenue by Affiliate
  • Merchant Revenue by Sub ID (SID)
  • Merchant Revenue by Creative ID (ADID)
View Custom Pricing in Transaction Details

All custom affiliate payouts and merchant revenue amounts are viewable in the Transaction Details.  The following reasons are displayed in a campaign’s conversion details when a custom affiliate payout or merchant revenue is tracked.

The Payout Reason column identifies the following possible custom affiliate payout reasons:

  • Assigned Payout
  • Custom Conversion Parameter
  • Campaign Default Payout
  • Custom Creative Payout
  • Custom Sub ID Payout
  • Test Affiliate Payout

The Revenue Reason column identifies the following possible merchant revenue reasons for the custom merchant revenue:

  • Default Merchant Revenue
  • Custom Conversion Parameter
  • Custom Merchant Revenue
  • Custom Creative Revenue
  • Custom Sub ID Revenue
  • Test Affiliate Revenue

To view custom pricing in transaction details, do the following:

1. From the top menu, select Reports.

2. Select a report with the Transaction Details link, like one of the following:

      • Campaign Performance
      • Affiliate Performance
      • Affiliates by Campaign
      • Campaigns by Affiliate

3. Select a qualified/conversion or approved transaction link.

4. On the Transaction Details page, find the Payout Reason column in the Transaction Results table to view the affiliate payout reason.

5. In the Transaction Results table, find the Revenue Reason column to view the merchant revenue reason.


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