Record Affiliate Payments

The Record Affiliate Payments page allows you to create and modify payments posted to an affiliate. To record an affiliate's payment, do the following:

    1. Next to Affiliate, select Browse.
    2. In the Affiliate Search dialog, mark Include Suspended Affiliates if you want to include suspended affiliates.
    3. In the Affiliate field, enter the name of the affiliate or search for the affiliate by selecting Search.
    4. In the Post Payment On field, enter the date in the mm/dd/yyyy format or select the calendar and select the date you want the payment posted on.
    5. In the Commission field, enter the current commission amount.
    6. In the Adjustment drop-down field, select the plus sign to increase the affiliate's payout amount or the minus sign to decrease the affiliate's payout amount.
    7. In the next field, enter the amount you want to adjust the payout.
    8. In the Fees field, enter the fee amount to be subtracted from the commission.
    9. In the Payment Type drop-down field, select the payment type.
    10. In the Payment Reference Number field, enter the payment reference number.
    11. In the Payment Notes field, enter notes about this payment adjustment.


- Notes entered in the Payment Notes field are internal notes only
- In the Affiliate Viewable Notes field, enter notes that will be seen by the affiliate.
- Notes entered in the Affiliate Viewable Notes field are viewed in the Affiliate Center
Save your settings by selecting Record New Payment.


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