SubID Breakout

The SubID Breakout is a popular report used to analyze the sub id's associated with your traffic. It has been redesigned to have the same look and functionality as other reports in the system.

The report allows you to view your sub id's associated with your traffic and conversions broken out by affiliate, campaign or a combination of both for a specific period of time. When you run a report, the campaigns will be displayed as the parent rows and the sub id's associated to a particular campaign will be displayed in the child rows when you expand the campaign row. If the report is generated without selecting a specific affiliate or campaign, the results will show the sub id's for all campaigns and affiliates. If you wish to narrow your search, simply select an affiliate or campaign that you would like to view and the report will display the results for that particular criteria.

To view the transaction details, click on the transactions displayed in the Qualified/Conversions or Approved columns. In order to view the clicks for a particular sub id, click on the linked stats under the clicks column. To use the report, select a date range, affiliate, campaign or both and click the 'Run Report' button. Only the sub id's for the affiliate/campaign combination will be displayed in your results. If you wish to view your sub id's for all campaigns and affiliates, select a date range without choosing a particular affiliate or campaign and click the 'Run Report' button.


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