Signup Page Mode

Changing the mode of the signup page will change how the Affiliate Center signup page works.  A description of each signup page mode is provided below. 

Note: You may test your signup page mode by clicking on the preview link after the page has been updated.  Changes may take 60 seconds to be applied.

  • To show both login and signup forms, select 'Show Login And Signup'.
  • To show the login form only, select 'Show Login Only'.
  • To show the signup form only, select 'Show Signup Only'.
  • To redirect affiliates to your own signup page, select 'Redirect' and enter your URL.  For instructions on how to integrate your own page with LinkTrust, see Affiliate Center Customization.
  • To create your own custom signup page hosted by LinkTrust, select 'Custom'.  Then, click the + sign next to 'Custom Signup Page' located under 'Page Customization'. The header is displayed above the content that you design.  The footer can be set to hide or show.