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Tracking URL Tokens

Tracking URL tokens are tokens that can be added to the tracking URL. The tracking URL requires certain parameters to track correctly. Additional data can also be added to the tracking URL and can be stored by LinkTrust and passed on to your merchant's landing page URL.

The following are available tokens for the tracking URL:

Affiliate ID: [=AFID=]The affiliate ID is a unique identifying number that represents an affiliate and is generated by the system after the affiliate is approved. The [=AFID=] token is available in many areas. When placing the token in one of these areas the affiliate's ID is populated.

Alternate ID: [=AltID=]The Alternate ID field allows you to store and pass your own custom affiliate-specific ID from LinkTrust to a CRM or website landing page.  On the approved affiliate application, the alternate ID can be used in token format in the campaign’s tracking URL or landing page URL. The token automatically populates your specific alternate ID value to the URL. Because the Alternate ID field can be used as a token in URLs, only URL friendly characters can be saved in the Alternate ID field. The following characters cannot be used in the alternate ID: ' , " ; : ? The alternate ID does not replace the AFID name value pair on the affiliate's tracking URL.

Campaign ID: [=CID=]The campaign ID (CID) is a unique number given to each advertising campaign in LinkTrust. Where available, use the [=CID=] token to populate this value in the Partner Center and the Affiliate Center.

Creative ID: [=ADID=]The creative ID, also known as ADID, is a numeric value that represents a specific creative. Each creative is assigned an ID number. The creative ID is automatically generated by LinkTrust and added into creatives using the ADID name=value parameter. The ADID parameter is placed on the tracking URL to track the performance of the creative. Using the creative ID, the owner of the offer can determine which creative is performing the best. You can view the performance of a creative through performance reporting.  The ADID is not required on the tracking URL for the creative to work. If the ADID parameter is removed, the Creative report shows a 0 (zero) value for all tracking links missing the ADID.

Random Domain: [=RandomDomain=] (Use random domain, if you are using random domain scripts.The random domain feature allows domains to be passed randomly into creatives and tracking URLs for specific campaigns where a token is used. When the [=RandomDomain=] token is used, one of the domains from the random domain list is randomly selected and used.
To use random domains, open Account Settings in LinkTrust.  Download a sample of random domain scripts to host on these domains to redirect traffic to the tracking URL. Make sure each script is hosted and edited to work with the tracking URL.


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