February Release 2018


Campaigns & Affiliates UI Simplify

We’ve made a simpler layout for Campaign and Affiliate areas, the core of the platform. Location-based breadcrumbs help you understand and navigate the hierarchy of pages with less popups.

‘View All’ pages display in a Grid view where you can drill down to details. If you prefer List view it’s as easy as clicking on the List view icon, and the system will remember your preference on subsequent visits.


Basic setup is managed at the Details page. Advanced settings are available in tabs and the left menu. To set up how your campaign will be Advertised, manage ads (creatives), assigned affiliates, and links & pixels.


Daily Ad Breakout Report

This new report shows daily performance of each advertisement in a given campaign for the date range specified. The Daily Ad Breakout Report improves on the existing Ad Breakout Report by adding daily statistics to the overall statistics.


Percentage-Based Payout Rules Allow Decimals

When creating a percentage-based payout rule for an affiliate, the revenue amount entered as a decimal has been saved and utilized correctly for payouts, but now it will also display up to 4 decimal places in the Payout Rules page.  

Email Search Now Includes Affiliate Contact CC Emails

When searching for affiliate contacts via email address, any ‘CC Emails’ saved will be included along with the primary affiliate contact email address.

‘Creatives’ are called ‘Ads’

Within the partner center and the affiliate center, the term ‘creative’ has been changed to ‘ad.’