June Release 2018


Affiliate, Advertiser, & Partner Center Updates

Affiliate Center: Updated Graphing/Charts

We’ve updated our graphing software in the Affiliate Center, making it easier to drill into stats for details.


Affiliate Center: Reduced Pop-ups in AC for Creatives, Pixels, & other pages

Affiliates can now navigate to new views within the same window, instead of using additional pop-up windows. iFrames have been utilized for this purpose.

Partner Center/Advertiser Center: Global Control for Advertiser Transaction Details

Now you can set up a global preference for how you’d like your Advertisers to access the Transaction Details report.


Partner Center: Minimized Validation Code for Landing Page URLs

We’ve made it easier for you to use non-standard URLs for your landing pages.


Partner Center: Advertiser Payment Option: Semi-Monthly

We’ve added ‘Semi-Monthly’ to the picklist of options you can use for Advertiser payment terms.

Partner Center/Affiliate Center: Required Formatting for Tax IDs

Enforcing Tax ID format (SSN/EIN aka TIN) at key events will streamline processes. This includes Affiliate signup, creating/editing Affiliate Tax docs, exporting Affiliates, and exporting to QuickBooks.


Partner Center: Expired Campaigns Display in Red

We’ve restored the previous method of displaying expired campaigns in red font.

LeadGen Updates:

Simple Validation Rule Fields Improvement

Text fields and dropdown picklists now have improved trimming of values.

Channel Expiration Date

You can add an expiration date to each LeadGen channel, choosing to enforce the date or just use it as a visual flag depending on your workflow. LeadGen Channel reports will reflect this new data.

Bug Fixes:

Create/Edit Ads WYSIWYG Editor Scrollbar

We’ve updated the WYSIWYG Editor so that the scrollbar doesn’t move when updating or changing types.

Email Address Validation to Accept all Top Level Domains, '.ca' etc.

We’ve ensured email address validation will accept all types of top level domains instead of only '.com' etc.

Campaign Performance Columns Alignment

Deselecting options no longer throws off column alignment in the Campaign Performance Report.

Viewing only Assigned Campaigns in Reports

User view access to reporting complies with campaign assignment.

Radio Button Formatting

We removed a box shadow around radio buttons.

View Rights Alignment for Charts

Charts only show data for assigned affiliates or assigned campaigns.

Default Campaign Settings Page Fixes

All settings saved to this page will be the default settings for new campaigns created.


Affiliate Payment Details PayPal Email

The Payments tab was not showing the PayPal email by default and this has now been fixed.