New Way to Manage your Pixels

This article's purpose is to show you a new way of managing your pixels in LinkTrust. We'll compare pixel maintenance before and after the most recent release.

Yesterday's Affiliate Pixel Maintenance

You will remember in a campaign's Assigned Affiliates page, that clicking on the green Pixel Add button would bring up a modal (small dialogue box) that allows you to select a pixel type and place the pixel URL.


Today's Affilate Pixel maintenance

With this new release, you'll notice the following difference: When you click on the green Pixel Add button, you'll get a new page where you can add multiple pixels for conversions and steps. This means that you can fire more than one pixel on the conversion as well as on any of the steps that've been set up for your campaign.



Note: your additional code should not contain the single quote character

Global Pixels & Steps

If an affiliate's Global Pixel has already been configured to fire with a step, your existing configuration will continue to function after the release. However, if you want to ADD a global pixel to fire on a step you'll need to place that pixel in the URL field for that step on this new Pixel Page.

We will be fully-integrating Global Pixels into this new Pixel Page in the next release: for now, just remember that if you want to edit any configurations, the Global Pixel will not auto-fire for newly edited steps until you've added it into the step pixel.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact Support.