September Release 2017


Lead Data for Affiliates in the Affiliate Center

For those running Lead Management, affiliates can now view lead data when they log in to the Affiliate Center. The amount of lead detail they can view is controlled by the LinkTrust partner at 2 levels:  1- within the partner’s settings for Affiliate Center access; 2- within settings for each individual campaign.  






Users can click on new ‘upgrade’ lightning bolt icons to learn more about an add-on and purchase if desired.

All-in-One Dashboard New Features

Our optional Add-On ‘All-in-One Dashboard’ now offers:

- NEW: Social Media Publisher Widget

The Publisher widget allows you to plan, schedule, and manage your social media campaigns across major social networks. The widget supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest out of the box and more networks are on the way.

You can publish posts to multiple networks with a click of a button or schedule them weeks or months in advance down to the minute, saving you a ton of time and energy. The widget will also show you the number of interactions each individual post has had to help you determine its effectiveness.

LinkTrust now has truly an all-in-one business dashboard, not only allowing you to monitor and analyze your key performance data, but also schedule, publish, and manage your social media content from under the same roof.


- NEW: Alerts Feature

Reap the benefits of LinkTrust while you’re offline. Alerts allow you to monitor metrics even when you're away from your dashboards. You can set up email or SMS notifications to go out when certain conditions are met (e.g. when your website's traffic level drops or when there’s a surge in Twitter followers thanks to your brilliant social media campaign).

Whether you’re looking to get clients excited about an upcoming milestone or prevent mishaps, the Alerts feature will give you peace of mind by acting as a car or house alarm for your entire business!


- NEW: Data Mashup Widget

Effortlessly spot interesting trends and correlations with the new Mashup widget. It allows you to combine or “mash” metrics from different dashboard widgets together. You can add, subtract, multiply, divide, slice and dice unrelated metrics from completely different apps to create brand new business intelligence data for your organization and clients.

Now you can easily answer questions like "What does my social media engagement have to do with my Salesforce leads?", "What do my web analytics have to do with the top of my CRM funnel?", and many more. Whether you’re looking to compare your Google Analytics visitors against your Twitter mentions or combine data from multiple Facebook Pages, the Mashup widget has you covered.


- NEW: Goals Feature

Goals allow you to benchmark metrics against your business objectives (e.g. whether your sales team hits their daily quota). It's a great way to identify areas of improvement within your organization.

With the Goals feature you can set on-screen indicators that help easily communicate and visualize specific goals to your team and clients, and see how close you are to achieving them. It’s a perfect way to boost morale and keep your team informed with maximum accountability.


Bug Fix:  Campaign Search via Mobile

The LinkTrust mobile site’s campaign search was not displaying campaigns normally; this has been fixed.

Action Item:  Updated Tax Forms in Affiliate Center (W-9, W-8ECI, W-8BEN)

The tax forms provided for affiliates’ use have been updated per current IRS forms with additional fields which will appear blank. A signature section requires the actual signature of your affiliate; pre-existing forms will have no signature. We recommend you advise your affiliates to sign the new form and update any new fields needed.