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The Referrals page shows affiliates who were referred by the affiliate whose account is being viewed. It also displays who referred that affiliate.

Affiliates can earn bonus commissions from the affiliates they refer.  This bonus amount is a derived from a percentage of their referrals' commissions.  An end date can be specified on each referral which will terminate the calculation of bonus commissions for anything after that date.

Affiliate Referral Link

The affiliate referral link is the URL used by your affiliate to sign up more affiliates for whom he will get credit referring.  When an affiliate is referred by them and their application accepted, the default bonus amount will be used unless a custom percentage and end date is configured. The default bonus amount and end date is configured for the account on the Affiliate Center Customization page.

Referral Bonus Settings

The referral bonus settings consists of two parts: the percentage and the time frame.  The bonus is derived by multiplying the percentage with the commissions of the referral.  This amount is added to the up-line affiliate on the Affiliate Commission report.  The time frame is given as the number of days the bonus will be live.  Once the referred affiliate application is approved, LinkTrust will calculate the end date of referral bonuses for the corresponding up-line affiliate and this date will appear on that affiliate's referrals page for the referral that was approved.  An end date is not required, just an option.

Referred By

This is who referred the affiliate for who's details are being viewed.  From the Referred By table, you can do the following:

  • Remove your referred by affiliate by selecting The Blue X Icon.


From the Referrals table, you can do the following:

  1. Remove a referral by selecting The Blue X Icon.
  2. Modify a referral's bonus commission by entering in a new commission amount in the Bonus Commission field; then selecting Update.
  3. Modify a referral's bonus commission end date by entering a date; then selecting Update.
  4. Add a new referral manually by selecting Add Referral.


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