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How do I Customize the Affiliate Center?

Signup Page Settings - Affiliate Security Settings - Add Ons - Referral Bonus - Reporting Columns - Page Customization - Advanced Integration


The Affiliate Center Customization page allows you to customize the Affiliate Center to your needs. If you're interested in changing the overall look and feel of the affiliate center, check out our affiliate center templates.

Signup Page Settings

The Signup Page Settings allows you to customize your affiliate signup page.

Page Title

The page title is the title that appears at the top of your Affiliate Center. In the field, enter the name of your sign up page title.

Logout URL

The logout URL is the web location affiliates are redirected to when they log out of the Affiliate Center. The logout URL begins with http://

Payment Methods

Select all the payment options you want applied to your sign up page. The following are the available payment options:

Signup Page Mode

The Signup Page Mode is a method for changing how the Affiliate Center signup page works. When you change the mode of the signup page, you change how the signup page works. The following is a description of each signup page mode:

  • To show both login and signup forms, select Show Login and Signup.
  • To show the login form only, select Show Login Only.
  • To show the signup form only, select Show Signup Only.
  • To redirect affiliates to your own signup page, select Redirect; then enter the redirect URL. For instructions on how to integrate your own page with LinkTrust, see Advanced Integration below.
  • To create your own custom signup page hosted by LinkTrust, select Custom; then select the + sign next to Custom Signup Page located under Page Customization. The header is displayed above the content that you design. The footer can be set to hide or show.

To test your signup page mode, select Preview after the page has been updated. Changes may take 60 seconds to be applied.

Show Footer on Signup Page

Mark the Show Footer on Signup Page box, to show your company's footer on the affiliate signup page.

Affiliate Security Settings

In the Affiliate Security Setting, you identify the user name, password, and payment details restrictions. The following table explains each feature:

'Minimum Length'

  • Allows you to set the minimum character length for affiliate's password.

'Require Letters and Numbers'

  • Mark the box to require letter and numbers in the affiliate's password.

'Require Upper and Lowercase Characters'

  • Requires users to use upper and lower case characters in their password.

'Restrict Affiliate User Name Change'

  • Restricts affiliates from changing their username. By marking the box, affiliates will not see the option to change their username in the Affiliate Center.

'Restrict Affiliate Login by Country of Affiliate'

  • Restrict your affiliate’s access to login to the Affiliate Center to the country the affiliate signed up from. By marking the box, affiliates will only be able to login to the Affiliate Center they signed up from.

'Restrict Affiliate Password Change'

  • Restricts affiliates from changing their password. By marking the box, affiliates will not see the option to change their password in the Affiliate Center.

'Enable payment details changes'

  • Allows affiliates to change their payment details.

Add Ons

The Add Ons section allows you to add features to the Affiliate Center for your affiliates to use. The following table identifies the Add On features:

'Allow PromoLinks'

  • Allows your affiliates to use PromoLinks

'Allow Offer Rating'

  • Allows your affiliates to use the Star Rating System. The Star Rating System is a rating system that allows affiliates to rate, add comments, and place their estimated Cost Per Mille (eCPM) for an offer that they are assigned to. The star rating, comments, and eCPM are available to the affiliate for each campaign in the Partner Center.

'Show Offer Rating Averages'

  • Allows your affiliate to see the average star rating of all affiliates in the Affiliate Center. The affiliate will not see other affiliate's comments or eCPM. Averages are also shown in the Affiliate Center.

'Enable Electronic W8/W9'

  • Allows your affiliates to digitally sign their W-8/W-9 tax documents through an email link or the Affiliate Center. LinkTrust users can also manage, view, and print tax documents within the affiliate’s account details.

'Bypass filters on creative previews'

  • Allows your affiliates to bypass filters on creative previews.

'Auto-approve applications with password'

  • Allows you to auto-approve an affiliate's application from a custom affiliate sign-up form.  This password should be passed in from a hidden field on your custom form.

Referral Bonus

The default bonus commission is the bonus paid by you to an affiliate based on the referred affiliate's commission.

This gives the ability to set a bonus percentage and time frame for which affiliate referral bonuses will be calculated.  Stats for affiliates (on the Affiliate Commission report) after this configured date/time frame will not be included on the commission report under the Referral Bonus column.  A custom bonus and time frame can be configured at the affiliate account level as well.  Once the referred affiliate application is approved, LinkTrust will calculate the end date of referral bonuses for the corresponding up-line affiliate and this date will appear on that affiliate's referrals page for the referral that was approved.  An end date is not required, just an option.  The bonus is derived by multiplying the bonus percentage with the commissions of the referral.  This amount is added to the up-line affiliate on the Affiliate Commission report.

For example, John referred Cindy to your network using his referral link. Cindy generated $1,000 in commissions last month. If the bonus commission is set to 5%, John will get $50 ($1,000 x .05) added to his commissions for the month. This $50 bonus is not taken from Cindy's commissions, but is simply added to the affiliate's account as a bonus. Commission bonuses can be viewed by affiliates in the Affiliate Center.

The referral link John used is http://(Your_Affiliate_Center_URL)/Welcome/LogInAndSignUp.aspx?SAFID=(John's Affiliate ID). This link is available within the affiliate's details and can also be made available within the Affiliate Center.

Reporting Columns

This feature allow you to hide or show specific reporting columns in the affiliate center.  By default, all columns are visual.  If you wish to hide a column, deselect the column check box and update your settings.

Page Customization

This section allows the LinkTrust users to modify the Affiliate Center using their company's brand. Select the blue plus sign to expand each section and enter in your content. In Page Customization, you also have the ability to add tokens to the pages. The following table explains each feature:

'Style Sheet'

  • Allows you to enter your style sheet code here.

'Terms and Conditions'

  • Enter the terms and conditions in the text editor and modify your content as needed. If you want your existing affiliates to agree to these new terms and conditions, mark Require existing affiliates to agree to 'New' terms and conditions box at the top of the Terms and Conditions section.


  • Allows you to add your own custom header.


  • Allows you to add a custom menu.


  • Allows you to add your own custom Dashboard.


  • Allows you to add your own custom footer.

'Popout Style Sheet'

-- Allows you to customize the style sheet for any LinkTrust popout page from the Affiliate Center. Popout pages consist if:

    • /PaymentLog.aspx  (Relative URL to the Affiliate Payment Log information.
    • /LinkGenerator.aspx  (Relative URL to the affiliate's version of the Link Generator)
    • /RptMultipleSubIdBreakout.aspx  (Relative URL will pull up the Multiple SubID Report)
    • /RptCampaignPerformancePopout.aspx  (Relative URL will pull up the classic pop-out Campaign Performance Report)
    • /TermsAndConditions.aspx  (Relative URL to your Terms and Conditions page)
    • [=Navigation.RingRevenueLogin=] (Generates the single sign on URL access Ring Revenue's Affiliate Stats site.)

 The Style Sheet Architecture and Tag descriptions are broken out into two documents.

  1. Click here to download the style sheet tag descriptions and architecture.
  2. Click here to download a copy of the default CSS in text format.

When you have completed customizing your Affiliate Center, save your settings by selecting Update.

Affiliate Experience

Customize the experience of affiliates within the affiliate center is easy.  You can customize the style sheet, header, footer, menu and dashboard with your own HTML or our templates.  You can also use tokens to create a personalized experience.

Sub-Affiliate Experience

This feature allows you to create a custom user experience for sub-affiliate accounts. You can configure the sub-affiliate’s user experience in the affiliate center which is different from that of the experience of the parent affiliate. A custom style sheet, header, footer, menu and dashboard can be configured in the admin center. If these fields are left blank, the sub affiliate will get the same template as the parent affiliate account.

In addition, you can create these sub-affiliates account in the affiliate center. You can create this sub-affiliate account by logging into the affiliate account in the affiliate center. Then select My Account on the top menu. Select Manage Sub-Affiliate Logins in the Login section of the page. The affiliate can now give the login information to their sub-affiliate. When creatives are retrieved by the sub-affiliate, each creative link will automatically have that sub user's ID inserted as the sub ID on the tracking links.

Advanced Integration

Advanced integration allows you to design your own pages and integrate them with the LinkTrust system. You can customize your Affiliate Center by selecting Account > Affiliate Center from the Partner Center. 

Custom Affiliate Signup and Login Forms

In the Affiliate Center, you can modify the following:

A. Signup Form

The Affiliate Center allows you to design your own signup page for your website. Get Instructions to give to your webmaster.

B. Login Form

The LinkTrust branded Affiliate Center allows partners to design their own login and signup pages and integrate them with the LinkTrust system. You can host your own affiliate login page(s) by creating a form with the following field names and post the data to LinkTrust:

- Post URL: http://[YourAffiliateCenterDomain]/welcome/customlogin.aspx

- Username: Field name for affiliate's username

- Password: Field name for affiliate's password

- Sample HTML:

Post Form: <form method="post" action="http://[YourAffiliateCenterDomain]/welcome/customlogin.aspx">
Username: <input name="Username" type="text"/><br />
Password:  <input name="Password" type="password" /> <input type="submit" value="Login" /></form>

- Forgotten Password Link: http://[YourAffiliateCenterDomain]/Welcome/ForgottenPassword.aspx

C. iFrame Login/Signup Form

Use iFrame to incorporate our affiliate form into your own hosted website.  Sample iFrame URL: http://[YourAffiliateCenterDomain]/welcome/EmbeddedSignup.aspx

D. Standard Signup and Login pages

http://YourAffiliateCenterDomain/Welcome/LoginAndSignUp.aspx (Login and/or Signup Page.  This can be modified to be either a login, signup or both.)
http://YourAffiliateCenterDomain/Welcome/signup.aspx (Signup Form Only)
http://YourAffiliateCenterDomain/Welcome/LogIn.aspx (Login Form Only)


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Need help with this feature or have questions? You can contact our support team at support@linktrust.com