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Deep Linking

What is deep linking?

Deep linking helps your traffic get right to the page they were interested in, lowers bounce rate and increases conversions, but still redirects through LinkTrust. 

If you sell cameras and you have a creative advertising a deal on a specific camera, you want customers who click on that creative to go directly to the page that has more information about that particular camera and a place to buy it. You don't want to send them from a specific creative to your generic home page and make them do extra work to find the product they came searching for.

There are four ways you can set up deep links in LinkTrust.

1. The easiest way to deep link is to utilize the additional landing page feature on a per-creative basis.

2. If you have one creative advertising multiple products but want to deep link to all of them, you can use a NonEncodedURL token to give your affiliates the correct URLs for all of the links in the creative. Utilizing this methods means that you must include the creative ID (ADID) in the tracking URL so LinkTrust knows where to send the traffic.

3. If you want all of your traffic to go to a specific product page and you want to set that up at a campaign level, you can use the NonEncodedURL token to update your default landing page in your campaign settings. Then you will specify the URL in the creative as in option number 2 above.

4. For advertisers that have a lot of products and savvy affiliates, you can utilize Product Data Feeds. This allows you to upload a file of hundreds of products and each product will have a variety of information that includes a deep link to where they are on the site.


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