Sometimes a buyer will want to return leads after they already accepted them in real time. This page controls this ability.

Allow lead returns up to X days

Enter the maximum number of days which can pass before a lead can not be returned.  LinkTrust will enforce this when a buyer attempts to return a lead.  This option can be over ridden by a user if a return is performed within the Partner Center. 

Return Lead URL

Send this URL to your advertiser if you wish for them to be able to return leads.  

Sample Return HTML

Use this sample HTML on your own site or give it to a advertiser if they want to embed the return form into a website.  This is great if you want to customize or private label the return page for advertisers within your website.  

Note:  Make sure that you have configured this page completely and updated it prior to copying this code because the code can change depending on whether you allow custom return reasons or enforce lead return reasons.

Allow Advertiser to enter custom lead return reasons

If you want a advertiser to have the flexibility to return a lead for any reason, enable this option.  Otherwise, if you want to restrict a advertiser to select from a list of reasons, select the "Enforce lead return reason from list".  The list of reasons can be customized when selected.

Learn More about returning leads Here


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