September 2019 Product Update

Multi-Currency for Affiliates, Partners, Advertisers, & APIs

You can now use multiple currencies across all LinkTrust platforms, including the Affiliate Center, Advertiser Center, Partner Center, and APIs. *Enterprise Plan Feature

  • Choose your account’s default currency (EUR, USD, GBP, etc.).
  • Configure a subset of currency types in your Campaign Default Settings. 
  • Select a currency for each campaign, editable till you set the campaign to ‘Live’. Transactions are calculated in each campaign’s currency.
  • Affiliates can view their actual payouts based on each offer’s currency. Soon they’ll also be able to get estimates in a default currency of their own.
  • APIs can leverage the new ‘Currency’ value and v1 APIs should be adjusted accordingly. v2 APIs will use your account’s default currency unless specified. The default for most accounts is set to USD.



IPQS Anti-Fraud Solution for All Campaign Types

You can now run CPA-type and CPC campaigns through fraud filtering. With our IPQS integration, now all campaigns include a page for Fraud Detection. Configure a device fingerprint script to be evaluated for fraud risk. Valid clicks will reach the landing page; clicks that exceed your fraud score threshold will be redirected per your settings for Blocked Clicks or a desired destination URL.


IPQS Additional Lead Data Points

We’ve extended the standard parameters to an IPQS LeadGen call. Each call will now pass along LeadID, CampaignID, publisherID (AFID), subuserID (SID), and clickID as appropriate.


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