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Tracking URL

The Tracking URL is the URL generated by LinkTrust and issued to affiliates.  Traffic is passed through this URL which facilitates tracking.  The URL is set up when your account was created and it uses the custom domain you pointed to LinkTrust and points to http://YourCustomDomain/click.track.  This URL is automatically populated into creatives if you use the [=TrackingURL=] token.  Your Tracking URL can be used in Standard URL or SEO URL format.  You can find your tracking URL in Publish > Settings on the left-hand side of Campaign Settings.


CID - Campaign ID
AFID - Affiliate ID

SID - Sub ID
ADID - Creative ID

C - Should Cookie be written? (0=No, Blank or missing=Yes)
R - Should a consumer redirect happen? (0=No, Blank or missing=Yes)
- Should clicks be tracked? (0=No, Blank or missing=Yes)

Any Name=Value or Name/Value Pair

Sample Tracking Links

Standard URL:


Note: Advanced users may change the Tracking URL to a custom URL.  This prevents traffic from going through the LinkTrust tracking system so special arrangements should be made to place the tracking URL into an HTML pixel on the Landing Page.  To learn more, see Direct Linking.


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