All the ways you can control and edit a payout in LinkTrust

There are many ways that you can control the revenue and commission payouts in LinkTrust.  The following information will show you how to do this:

Campaign Default

There are two areas where you can set the default revenue and commission in a campaign. 



Affiliate Default  

There are two locations where you can change the default payout for ALL affiliates assigned to a campaign in the campaign settings.

Main Settings Page


Publish Settings within the campaign settings:


Payout Rules

You can set up payout rules based on criteria and by productID (See also Payout Rules)


By Criteria: You can control the payout by either a value coming in on the click, conversion pixel, or both.  The Criteria payout option is based on an IF/Then function.


By Product ID: This rule type should be used to set a custom payout and/or revenue for a specific product. In order to make this work, add "&productid=" to the end of the confirmation pixel URL along with the product's name, SKU, or ID. 


By Creative

You can setup a creative and assign a payout to all affiliates running that creative or to a single affiliate that is assigned to a specific creative. 


Mass Action

You can edit the payouts for multiple affiliates by using the Mass Action feature in the Campaign Settings. 


Or by going to the Affiliate Menu:


Step Tracking

Override the default affiliate payout when a step pixel is placed in the advertisers landing page. (See also Steps)


Affiliate Details

Set a custom payout for an affiliate in their details for any of the campaigns that they have been assigned to.


You can also customize the payout by Sub ID:


Transaction Details

Edit the payout in the transaction details listing when you click on the number under the Conversions or Approved columns in any of the reports.